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NITEC LLC was founded in 1995 by a group of highly experienced petroleum engineers with the goal of providing the best possible reservoir evaluation services to oil and gas companies and regulatory agencies. In so doing, our services focus on maximizing the return on our clients' investments while minimizing their risks. To date, NITEC has had the opportunity to perform many large, fully integrated reservoir studies on highly complex reservoirs, as well as smaller reservoir and well evaluations. Building upon our founding goal, our company has continued to grow each year both in the number of projects awarded and in our reputation and recognition for producing outstanding reservoir studies. NITEC has in part accomplished this success by developing and utilizing integrated reservoir characterization software and new technologies. This project based evolution of software tools, coupled with our technical capabilities, differentiates NITEC from other consulting companies.

Our Philosophy

  • Perform better reservoir characterization, data integration and engineering analysis which leads to better results and better economic decisions.

  • Maximize return on our clients' investments and minimize their risk.

  • Automate and integrate processes to improve workflow efficiency and reliability of results thereby achieving more timely conclusions.

  • Develop new techniques and technologies to obtain better results from the available data.